Urbanitae's finances

Urbanitae’s finances: x-ray of the leading real estate crowdlending platform

In the current investment landscape, real estate crowdlending emerges as an attractive option for those seeking to diversify their portfolio and access interesting potential returns. In this context, Urbanitae is positioned as the leading platform in Spain, offering an innovative and accessible investment model. Here are Urbanitae’s finances.

In addition, Urbanitae also operates in France and Portugal and will continue to expand in more countries. Follow this blog to stay up to date.

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Urbanitae business model

The ral state crowdlending platforma Urbanitae

Before delving into Urbanitae’s finances, it facilitates the connection between investors and real estate developers, selecting projects with a high profitability potential and presenting them to the investment community. The latter can invest from €500 in specific projects, diversifying their risk and actively participating in real estate development.

How profitable is Urbanitae?

The platform offers a wide variety of projects, with historical returns ranging between 8% and 20% annually. Investors can choose between rental, capital gains and loan projects, adjusting their investment to their financial objectives.


Like any investment, real estate crowdlending carries risks. Urbanitae is responsible for minimizing these risks through an exhaustive selection process of projects and promoters. The main risks to consider are:

  • Project risk: The possibility that the project will not be completed or will not meet profitability expectations.
  • Market risk: Fluctuations in the real estate market may affect the value of the investment.
  • Liquidity risk: The investment in crowdlending is illiquid, meaning it cannot be easily sold if necessary.

Urbanitae’s Finances

Below I am going to give the main financial data of the Urbanitae platform, so that you can know what you can expect if you invest in it, in any of its projects.

Urbanitae Profitability

At Urbanitae you invest individually in each of the projects that the collective real estate investment platform raises for financing. Each of them has certain costs and performance expectations. Below, you can see the average performance of the platform over the years of operation and for each of the types of projects that they usually obtain financing:

  • Average annual return: 16%
  • Average profitability by project type:
    • Rent: 14%
    • Capital gains/equity: 18%
    • Loan: 12%

Other financial data of Urbanitae

Urbanitae's finances
  • Financed capital: +230M€
  • Returned capital: +€34M
  • Number of funded projects: +120
  • Minimum investment: €500
  • Average investment term: 24 months
  • Delinquency rate: <1%

Recommendations when investing in Urbanitae

  • Diversify your investment: Distribute your capital among different projects to minimize risk.
  • Research the projects: Carefully analyze the project, the promoter and the investment conditions before making a decision.
  • Understand the risks: Consider the risks associated with real estate crowdlending before investing.

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Remember: This blog post is not investment advice. It is important that you do your research and understand the risks before making an investment decision.

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